Winter update

27th January 2014

A miserably wet Monday morning was considerably brightened by ‘Scots Corner’, a reformatted Burns Day celebrating Scottish writers, organised and hosted by Bill Douglas.
Firstly, Aileen spoke about Violet Jacob, poetess and novelist. Aileen read some of her poems illustrating what a strong independent woman Violet had been, leading a full and interesting life full of travel and adventure unusual for a woman in the 19th century.
Then it was over to Neil whose subject was the poet W S Graham, born in Greenock in 1918. We heard about his life and achievements after which Neil read his poem Loch Thom.
Next, Bill quizzed us on Scots words, the winning team (aileen, jill, margaret, evelyn) winning a box of chocs. Now I know that a baudrons is a cat, a boorach a gathering and a gowdspink a goldfinch.
At break time Alison generously distributed Scottish food and drink – Cheese and oatcakes, shortbread, tablet, whiskey, irn bru and caribbean rum!
Following this George delighted us with his rendering of Holy Wullie’s Prayer in full authentic garb, candle in hand and a large surprise beneath his nightgown!
Next, Angus treated us to a moving analysis of Edwin Muir’s poem ‘Merlin’.
Evelyn then read us the tragic story of Robert Tannahill, and Bill summarised Hugh McDiarmid’s life.
Aileen closed the meeting by leading us in singing Auld Lang Syne in the original melody.
Once again our writers have informed and entertained us with wit, humour and passion, and the collective knowledge of today’s participants is breathtaking.

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