Children’s Writing (and competition)

We had Cara McKee talking about Writing for Children. She promised a link to Suzanne Lieurance’s piece on the top ten writing mistakes to avoid, and here it is: CLICK ME

Here’s a link to Aaron Shepard’s tips too: CLICK ME

And there are some great tips on the Writing Children’s Books for Dummies page.

She set a competition, to write a story, for a picture book.

Your target market is 3-8 year old children. Your judges are Cara, and her children. There is a trophy up for grabs.

300-800 words (preferably 300-550). To be handed in 8th December. Adjudication will be on the first day back in January.

You may show where the page breaks will be if you wish, and you may draw pictures, although these are not required. You may break rules on formatting and fonts, so long as it is legible, and your pseudonym is on each page. You will need a cover sheet as usual.

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