Oran Mor visit 2nd March

Helen arranged this outing to Glasgow with efficiency and good humour that is her trademark, and 14 folk filled the little bus. The play was Rob Drummond’s Lifesaving. Not a cheery piece, though it did have comedic content, it portrayed an episode in the lives of two damaged members of a dysfunctional family in which they were fleeing from real or imagined wrong-doing, and their flight took them into even darker places, and into a situation where they were manipulated and exploited. The sister felt her raison d’etre was to protect her younger brother who had been brain-damaged at birth. Both were abused in whatever way by uncaring parents. A stranger took advantage of their naiveté and the girl’s craving to be loved, and the further hopelessness of their lives was exaggerated. There was an uncertain necessity to feature, as the boy’s companion, a life-size dummy on which he practised CPR – and justified the play’s title.

Actually it was a thought-provoking play, portraying the reality of vulnerable young people in a society which preys on the weak. The pie and the pint were good, and we all enjoyed a LWG day-out (despite/because of some rumbustious goings-on at the back of the bus – you know who you are!).

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