Our Writers Read Their Own Work – March 9th

Despite dreadful weather on Monday 9th March a good number of people managed along to the club meeting for Read Your Own Work, and again revealed what a talented bunch of members we have

Jim started us off with a navy tale entitled Mac Hornblower. His story began when as a 10-year-old boy he accompanied his granny on a journey from Larkhall to Anstruther in the Kingdom of Fife, using three buses to get there. We met his unusual family, all seafaring, or in some way connected to the sea. The tale was hilarious as we heard about Granny and the famous Admiral Grandfather. Other relatives were brought into the story and the banning of Granny and a few more of her family from a street and shops in Anstruther had us laughing aloud.

When we’d all settled down Rose took the chair with her Adventures of Tilly and Baby Jack. This was a fantasy tale of a 100-year-old baby who levitated out of his Silver Cross pram, was swallowed up by a large designer cloud and had many adventures.

Ian talked about the abridged version of The 39 Steps: The 38 Steps, then came Angus with his clever Mountain poem about climbers and life.

After the interval it was my turn to recount how things were many years ago when I was a student on a farm. A piece of history as so many practices used then are no longer in existence.

Alasdair read his story of a burglar in the bedroom, and then Keith followed with an interesting poem about birds and their habits, especially their thrumming on the ground to bring up worms.

George was next with Sky Fantasy. He had us totally gripped as his story took us into space and the crashing of a meteor into a spacecraft. He outlined the astronaut’s reaction to events as they happened, and his emotional involvement with stars, space and plants. A truly intriguing tale.

Finally, our visitor Harvey read a short story for younger children about the sea, rescue boats and harbour cranes. He stage-managed his story well, as a phone rang in his story, and it really did ring – behind the bar.

An excellent meeting which was well worth braving the elements to attend.

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