April 13th – Lucky for some!

Before embarking on the business of the morning, Alison congratulated Jim on the launch of his book The Naked Pilot, which took place on Friday evening in the Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine. A retrospective exhibition of his very varied and exciting art work complemented this event and I was delighted to be able to purchase one of his very fine prints. Additionally, a film dealing with Jim’s complete overhaul of a World War 2 Messerschmitt was not only fascinating but clearly demonstrated his love and understanding of planes. After reading extracts from his book, signed copies were made available. It should also be said that the wine was excellent!

Alison said that Jim Carruth’s first novel Killochries has been published and has been well-received by the critics.

Neil will be attending the Poetry Hub in the Biscuit Cafe in Culross at 7pm on Saturday 18th April, where he has been invited to recite .

Ann MacLaren was sorry that she was unable to be present for the adjudication of her General Short Story competition set in February. She had enjoyed reading the submitted work and commented on our “wonderful sense of humour in Largs” with 7 out of 11 scripts being funny.

The story, Ann reminded us, had to involve some kind of transport and although trains were popular, caravans, a car, a hearse and even a hot air balloon were used.

Presentation, however, with some of the scripts was a cause for concern. Ann asserted, for example, that the start of the story should be placed half-way down the first page, and, she noted, only two people had done this. Further problems concerned the layout of dialogue which requires a new paragraph for a new speaker; indentation of paragraphs; and rounding the word-count up or down.

The following were her winners: 1st with A Driving Test, Evie; 2nd with Into The Munich Tunnel, Bill; 3rd with The Last Stop, Rose; and Highly Commended with Broken Flight, Alison. Jack got a ‘Special Mention’ for Incident On A Glasgow Train.

Each of the above winners read their story to the group which made for interesting listening in a whole variety of styles. Jack’s story Incident On A Glasgow Train was particularly memorable. Some of us couldn’t stop laughing!

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