Thespian Gala In The Garden

May 4th saw a dramatic diversion of traffic in Largs. All manner of individuals – mostly of the senior citizen variety – emerged from cars and converged on Helen’s┬áhouse. They were sporting carrier bags, a priceless commodity these days; and neighbours with binoculars may have spotted a few curious items such as the “odd” beak and wedding veil, the latter two belonging to the same bird. Not only that – there seemed to be a catering corps too, as delectable offerings made their way inside.

What event could this be? Well, of course, it was the annual Garden Party in both the┬áhouse and the lovely garden. After years of rain and very cosy gatherings in the attic, this year our prayers were answered and the sun shone – perhaps a little cooler for the seated audience, but a performance in the garden was possible.

After a suitably gastronomic lunch, the audience was treated to 26 sketches by our drama group, Skelph, the difference this year being that the performance was a dress rehearsal for the public event in the Lounge and all scripts were word perfect (of course). A great range of sketches were performed, three of which were monologues, all written by members of Largs Writers Group and suitably showcasing the talents of writers and actors alike. The master of ceremonies, Jack, was also the main hand in many of the sketches and conducted the proceedings with aplomb when he wasn’t being a bird or a castaway. The afternoon passed with much hilarity and a degree of angst, the latter particularly when there was an uninvited visitor in the shed where the performers were gathered. Who sent in the wasp?

Altogether a marvellous day. Thanks go to the unflappable Helen for opening the doors of her emporium to the troupe and overseeing the buffet; to all those who provided deluxe dishes; to all the artistes; and. of course, to the receptive audience without whom there is really no show.

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