Falkirk Writers’ Circle Seminar, Saturday 23rd May 2015

I particularly enjoy going to this writers’ get-together because I was once a member of Falkirk Writers’ Circle, about 25 years ago. I’ve been attending the seminar most years since, and it’s lovely to meet old friends – and make new ones. This seminar started as a less-extensive and local alternative to the SAW annual conference, and it still provides the same opportunity for writing and adjudications on just one day, although there are many writers who attend, and enjoy, both events.

Largs attendees invariably come away with some recognition for their writing, which is always welcome, but we always learn from the adjudicators’ talks, and from their written crits of our work.

Unfortunately this year the Poetry adjudicator didn’t appear, therefore there were no pointers from him. Fortunately he had informed the organisers of his choice of winning poems, has now apologised profoundly to FWC for his absence, and crits and certificates, prize-money etc have been sent out by the committee. It has happened, especially at SAW, that adjudicators have not provided written crits for submissions, and only announced prize-winners. Since the crits are part of the learning process in writing, and important to aspiring writers, it is unacceptable in my opinion for adjudicators to receive all of their fee without having fulfilled their remit and provided vital feedback.

Bill got 2nd prize for his Poem ‘The Suit’, and Evie was Highly Commended for her ‘Demise of Meconopsis’. In the 500-words story, Bill was Highly Commended and Jack was Commended. Evie was Commended for her general short story.

It was a most enjoyable day at Park Hotel in Falkirk, with good company and a delicious lunch, and not as intensely busy as SAW’s conference at Westerwood or the Swanwick week of writing (so I believe, from those who have been to Swanwick). I do recommend this Falkirk seminar for next May to all LWG members.

written by Jack

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