2014-15 competition winners

As I post this post, the committee is huddled behind closed doors working out what the 2015-16 season will look like. We have some treats in store! But before we leave behind the 2014/15 season, a quick shout out to all our winners from this year’s writing competitions. You’re all fab, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next year.


Crime Writing Short Story:

1st – Ross for “Where There’s Muck”

2nd – Rose for “The Case Of The Paper-thin Girl And The Fat Dog”

3rd – Cara for “Natural Causes”

Writing For Children:

1st – Alasdair for “Erica And The Wild Haggises”

2nd – Alison for “Maddie, The Good Samaritan”

3rd – Anne (Skemorlie) for “Ben’s Busy”

Highly Commended – Jim for “Amy Of The Hundred Books”


1st – Neil for “Intimate Support”

2nd – Cara for “I Am Not Yours”

3rd – Alison for “Chrysalis”

Commended – Rose for “Tablets Of Stone”

General Short Story:

1st – Evie for “A Driving Test”

2nd – Bill for “Into The Munich Tunnel”

3rd – Rose for “The Last Stop”

H.C. – Alison for “Broken Flight”

Special Mention – Jack for “Incident On A Train”


1st – Alasdair for “Jack The Lad”

2nd – Lucy for “Old King Cole”

3rd – Evie for “Jack And Jill”

Highly Commended – Ina “Jack Without Jill”

Commended – Kate for “Not Guilty”


1st – “Annie and Anna” by Judith

2nd – “Did I Think I Was A Geologist?” by Evie

3rd – “The Russian Revolution And Nan” by Cara

Highly Commended: “Aladdin’s Cave Of Memories” by Ross

Highly Commended: “Definitely Not St. George” by Rose

Commended: “Wee Granny” by Faith

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