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So, most of this will be pretty unintelligible, sorry!

Since I took over the site last year, I have disallowed registration on the site (you can still subscribe, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or indeed on Bloglovin’ or your preferred blog digest site). This was a spamming door which had previously been left open, accidentally.

It has recently come to my attention that there were lots of spambots registered on this site in a way I hadn’t thought to check – the spam they were sending out was, for the most part, caught by a plugin, but a very small amount got through (just as comments on the site, not into anyone’s inboxes). When I stopped people being allowed to register, this stopped more spambots being added, until recently when they found a way through.

I have now updated everything, tightened security, and deleted all registered users apart from myself. I couldn’t see any registered users who were real people, but there were 4,000 ish of them, so I can’t be sure I didn’t miss a few.

If you have any problems because of this do get in touch with us at our email address: largswriters at gmail dot com.

Again, I stress that none of these would have been able to send anything to people’s inboxes. Your email addresses are not stored here (not even mine).

Thank you. And if this seems like gibberish to you, then it is probably entirely irrelevant and can be safely ignored.

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  1. George Whitestone says:

    Confused but happy.

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