An Abundance of Treats

The second meeting of the new session opened with a wide variety of genres and styles in our first Read Your Own Work session. High comedy characterised the first short story read by Sheila which featured herself as a teenager wearing a new pair of jeans in a very hot bath determined to make them shrink to fit her vital statistics. There were of course twists to the plot which led to great hilarity.

Three poems followed, the first by Jen, Japanese Anemones,was memorable in its imagery and gentle but telling lyricism. The second poem was offered by Lucy as “a work in progress” and concerned a holiday spent with like-minded friends at the seaside. This was particularly evocative and you could almost smell the ozone and hear the sound of the sea. Rose performed the third poem Syntax Wars which comically gave human qualities to all aspects of punctuation, Schizophrenic Apostrophes being members of this strange cast.

Judith followed with an article she had written about all the ramifications involved in buying and renovating a large farmhouse in the south of France. Not entirely a bed of roses and certainly not to be undertaken by the faint-hearted.

Carol, new to the group, delighted us all with her tale of a grey parrot she’d travelled many miles to collect and how she eventually bonded with it. After the parrot, Evie brought us back to comedy based on New Year Resolutions and the come-uppance of a gold digging woman. Besides an excellent short story this would make a good dramatic sketch.

Comedy was certainly not a feature of the well-written 1st chapter of Bill’s new novel but mainly concerned the sexual attraction of a rather unprepossessing man for a mysterious woman.

Al read one of his short stories which had been recently published in a book entitled An Anthology of the Marvellous. Writing under the name of Sean Nachie and in Scots dialect, Al tells a powerful tale of the killing of a dragon called Wolfbear.

Back to poetry and a spirited performance by “big” Jim which is always an event. I did not fully understand every nuance but the question central to the piece was undoubtedly, “Who was right, and who was wrong?”

Travel writing with a huge itinerary was next offered by Faith who has recently returned from her astonishing peregrinations in France, Portugal. Australia and Tasmania. Globe-trotting she does at the drop of a hat, and did I mention her yachting prowess, and long maritime trips? All delightful material which I’m sure could translate from a short travelogue to a substantial piece of work.

Lastly, we were treated to the first chapter of Keith’s new book Flotsam, which left us wanting more. The language used to describe events and thoughts is highly individual and clothed with strong poetic overtones which are wholly appropriate to the subject matter. When can we hear Chapter Two, Keith?

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