Anne Scott: Poetry (21st September)

Local talent Anne Scott is well-versed in poetry and gives an engaging talk. She’s far-travelled, often visiting family in Dublin and her son in New York (allowing her to indulge in her passion for Irish and American writing); but her book 18 Bookshops* went further – to New Zealand, Australia and other Eastern climes.

She told us that once a book goes out for publishing there’s a certain sadness that it’s gone, but it can go on rewarding for some time to come. Her book seemed to take on a life of its own once it left her and she made friends with a Chinese translator. She self-publicised this 1st book but for her next project she’ll use an agent as they’re better at dealing with publishers.

A particular hero of Anne’s is American writer, poet and art critic, Frank O’Hara and she recommends his book Lunch Poems, his biography by Brad Gooch and The New York Poets, an anthology edited by Mark Ford

She treated us to readings from her book along with poems: The Lady Died, (Frank O’Hara) and Meeting Point (Louis MacNeice)

Anne lectures at Glasgow University on Wednesday afternoons and runs a literature class in West Kilbride’s Community Centre on Fridays. Availability is scarce so it’s best to email her to see if there are any places for January**. 

The Poetry Competition set is to write a poem in any chosen form (limit of 30 lines) with the title ‘Across The Table’. O’Hara uses blank spaces as silences or substantial pauses, so if you’re writing in free form Anne suggests you try experimenting with this. You can take the subject in its broadest sense where it could refer to objects on a table, or take an I’m here – you’re there perspective. Entries must be handed in by 19th October and the adjudication will be on 16th November.

*You can buy 18 Bookshops on Amazon here. Other bookshops are available, as Anne would tell you! There’s also a review of it in The Scotsman, which you’ll find here.

 ** Do get in touch if you’re a member and you’d like her contact details.

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