Where we’re at – early Nov 2015

We’ve had write ups from most of the meetings so far, and you’ll always find them here, as well as in our in-house magazine, The Pencil.

The poetry competition is now closed, but the article competition is open until 23rd November. You have a mere 600 words to answer the question: ‘Is Largs a Blackpool or a Bearsden?’ Happily, if you, like your administrator, couldn’t tell your Bearsden from your Catford, you’re allowed to use other towns!

The short story competition will be set on Monday, when we’ve got Jen Butler visiting to talk to us about short story writing. Also coming up in November we’ve got the poetry adjudication, Cara talking about Facebook, Alasdair on points of view, and Bill, talking about ‘things’.

Hope to see you soon!

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