An entertaining morning: 2nd November

Sixteen entertainers entertained twenty-one members – displaying sex-equality at its best! Jen kicked off with a poem recalling an unsuited suitor, and there were other poems from Angus and Evie, with Jack’s remembering an amusing incident involving Aileen.

Sketches were fun: Alasdair’s performed with George caricatured a DSS official trying to ‘sanction’ a client, who wriggled skillfully, and triumphantly when he two-fingered Mr Officious with his lottery winnings safely up his sleeve. Helen, Betty and Sheila were almost convincing as Three Little Maids, and Rose and Alison were strictly ‘Rita & Nita’ as only they could be. Jack’s ‘Domestic Bliss’ sketch with Bill Doug left us in no doubt that they were masters (hen-peckings ignored) of anything for a quiet life at home.

Pavarotti has no cause for concern after Jim exercised his tonsils (un)like a Neapolitan, vaguely in praise of sunshine, or was it ice cream cornets? Then Angus, Bill Doug and Ina gave it laldy – or something – describing ‘This Old Spouse’.

In longer readings, Sarah, in the best possible taste, described mouth-watering food (but still preferred fish & chips), before Alison recounted her funny-scary experience of Tobermory – and its bay where plug was pulled out on a sailing holiday. Harvey had checked, and got his wife’s opinion of men ‘entertaining’ women, but although he didn’t seem comfortable, man-like he conceded her superior knowledge. I think. A final blast from the past was Steve’s memory from childhood of a tom-cat tyrant in deepest Wigtownshire… Male Alpha again, but the female influence remains dominant in LWG. Be in no doubt!

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