Gazing upon items assembled by Bill soon kick-started our grey cells.
A rock with a fossil imprint, a kaleidoscope, an Australian back-scratcher, a wooden darning mushroom and others, sent us scurrying into the recesses of our imagination – a Lego girl with a shady past, ghostly Scottish ancestors and a talking stone shot once in a catapult to take out an enemies eye were just a few of the takes described by members.

Later Rose gave us each a handout with individual pictures and prompts to start a second cycle. Our writers were soon telling stories guided by shape, colour, texture, emotive dialogue and interactions between objects. Ranging from the concrete to the abstract we soon became aware that by simply observing objects we could develop the tools to fashion what one day could perhaps become a full story, a poem or part of a chapter in a book.

Thank you for mushing up the reindeer into a stream of effective consciousness and reminding us that one essential piece of cake for the writer remains the stimulus of an image.

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