LWG members were in cheerful mood for the first meeting of 2016. Drew Cochrane congratulated those who had risen to the challenge of writing 500 words comparing Largs with Blackpool, Bearsden – or anywhere else for that matter. There were 9 entries and Drew had the innovative idea of having them all read before announcing the winners.

He felt that some writers had gone ‘out of the box’ with their ideas; some read a little like tourist brochures, one had a gripping entry paragraph, another had a too-long first paragraph. We enjoyed hearing them all, but there have to be winners and losers of course. The four winning entries will appear in the Largs & Millport Weekly News. Fame at last!

Alasdair and Rose shared third equal with two very different approaches. Rose had written an amusing rant likening Largs to Silverstone. The irresponsible drivers of mobility scooters were well reprimanded and Rose’s use of semi-colons delighted Drew. He complimented Alasdair on his entry because, like his own Cochrane‚Äôs Column in the Wee Paper it had opinions, it filled the remit, and had a beginning, middle and ending. It was an appreciation of Largs and the only advantage that could be seen in Blackpool was more parking space and acreage!

Harvey came second. Particular praise went to his gripping opening paragraph. Drew and the rest of us enjoyed such descriptive phrases as ‘large blousey women’ and best of all ‘on a sunny day, Largs draws visitors like a poultice’.

The winner was Ross. Who could resist his grumpy old men on their bench bemoaning the passing of Largs as they remembered it? They cursed the ‘buggers on skateboards’, closed shops and hotels, folk who shopped elsewhere; and Ross’s witty ending proved him a worthy winner.

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