Is this the time to be a Collaborator? Never! I hear you shout? But hold on, this wasn’t some Monday morning lecture on the doubtful choices made by some partisan during the second world war. Monday morning, 15th February, saw a select number of members gathering to learn about the creative process of song writing.

Stewart Robbie is a Largs-based singer songwriter and freelance session musician, writing professionally under the name Irvine Robbie. To hear some of his work, Google Shipwrecked Dreamers for lovely and evocative tracks on his Digital Album. He was involved in stage managerial role at Barrfields for Shine on the 19th February, just passed.

Stewart visited us to outline his approach to song writing and the creative process. As part of his inspirational process he touched on his own listening to the poems of Allen Ginsberg, Howl and other poems. He reads/listens, and creates through music and his own paintings an interpretation of the words. These he presented to us as an exhibition of the three forms.

To quote Stewart, “As well as putting our hearts and souls into writing, we create stories, write poetry, create vivid images and use sound to make you feel different”.

So this is what Stewart was attempting have us try. We were led stumbling along to the idea that we could, perhaps, link words to music. It was a mind-expanding morning in which we were encouraged to think in terms of another art form. We were sparked into differing opinions as to the value of music against words in this context.

Stewart finished by suggesting that you find someone who could either provide the music or get your own musical ideas down on paper, all matched to your own wonderful words.

Yes, a ‘Good time to be a Collaborator’.

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