On 22nd February we welcomed Rose’s friend Pat Woods back, this time to talk about writing ‘Soliloquy’. When I suggested this as a subject to the committee, I must admit that I had thought the soliloquy did not need a writer steering us to an understanding. Much better to hear it from an actor – and I was pleased when Rose suggested that Pat could be persuaded to do it – and she was.

Pat explained that Soliloquy (from the Latin, meaning speaking to oneself) is a device used in drama (and in song) when a character speaks aloud, sharing thoughts and feelings with an audience). Basically it is a dialogue with him/herself, rather than a monologue. Pat said that we’re currently prevailed upon to show, don’t tell in writing, and often this doesn’t translate well on film, the audience left wondering what it’s all about. However, the soliloquy tends towards telling rather than showing, and I just love someone’s thoughts, uncushioned and unexpurgated, being revealed. It was interesting to hear Pat’s view that Alan Bennett’s ‘Talking Heads’ were examples of the soliloquy, rather than monologues.

In the second half of the morning, Pat had us role-playing, imagining ourselves as characters within a Victorian family home. This was good fun, and formed the basis for our Drama Competition submissions – to write a soliloquy from our character we elected to play in that family (this is optional, and any soliloquy will be acceptable). Pat stated that she is not a writer, and feels that she should not judge this competition which will be judged by Alison, me, and A. N. Other who is volunteered(!).

It was a most enjoyable morning, and we are grateful to Pat whose energy and enthusiasm were an inspiration to our group.

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