The annual trip to Oran Mor (7th March) which has become one of the highlights of the LWG calendar, was as usual wonderfully organised by Helen (there was a slight mishap when the Naked Pilot mistook the ETA…). Helen’s travel arrangements were first-class with excellent pick-up times at both Largs and Glasgow. On arrival at Byres Rd, coffee and bookshops were raided by various groups, one of which found some naked coffee pictures.

The play, Some Other Stars by Clare Duffy, dealt with a patient in a coma and the difficulties and problems this brought for his wife; but it also looked at things from the point-of-view of the comatose patient, imagining his possible thoughts and feelings. It examined the irretrievable differences between the two characters and possibly also stood, metaphorically, for the problems faced in all human relationships. The acting, setting, light & sound etc were of the highest professional standards and one can see why Oran Mor enjoys such great respect amongst the artists and audiences.

Their Play, Pie and Pint formula and the intimate nature of the surroundings always provide an excellent theatrical experience, and on this occasion we were given an extraordinary entertainment which was both stimulating and demanding. Certainly the play provided a very good learning curve for those of us involved with the production in the Masonic Hall on the 14th (A Question Of Identity by unknown playwright who just happens to be our very own Alison ).

Afterwards, drinks in the Oran Mor bar and a spirited discussion indicated that nearly everyone enjoyed the play and that there were as many opinions as to the various nuances and meanings as there were LWG members in attendance. Hopefully another visit will be included in next season’s syllabus.

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