“A Question of Identity”

Alison’s entertaining drama was presented as a radio play. Our MC for the morning was Jack, as Richard “Dicky, Darling” Townsend. Ross, as Janitor, assisted with sound engineering.


  • Susan: Ina
  • Alan: Bill
  • Julie: Helen
  • Robert: George
  • Tom: Tony
  • Catherine: Val
  • Aerobics Instructor: Helen
  • Fiona Forsyth: Camilla Dobson-Bottomly aka Alison

Act 1

Susan and Alan have a heated discussion, after a disastrous evening out. The next morning, Susan and Julie (friend and neighbour), chat about their husbands and how things could be better between them. Julie suggests attending a lingerie party, to be held by Fiona Forsyth. Meanwhile, the pair persuade their husbands to start an aerobics class.

We are introduced to Tom, son of Susan and Alan, and Catherine, Julie’s sister. Tom has recently lost his job, and Catherine is divorced. The pair chat in the kitchen.


Act 2

Alan and Robert attend aerobics. It is so bad that they decide to re-start golf instead. They become obsessed with this. At the lingerie party, Fiona sells Julie a bed as well as the lingerie – a four-poster complete with red satin sheets. This is disastrous, and Julie is in despair.


Act 3

Alan and Robert announce that they are hoping to take over the golf driving range, as a revived business. They request the others to help with the venture. Catherine and Tom chat again. Catherine reveals that she trashed her own house, whilst the divorce was going through. This was to stop the new girlfriend getting her hands on it. Tom understood this as a way of letting off steam. Catherine’s nickname of “Catherine the Great” may not really fit, but Tom likes “Kiss me Kate” instead.

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