For probably the best of reasons, there was a change in the syllabus when a ‘feature writer’ was unable to visit LWG. However, members who attended this meeting were not at all disappointed by the entertainment provided by our very own featured readers of their own work.

Jack read a report of his visit to Perth at the weekend as our delegate (for the final time) at the SAW Council’s annual meeting, which usually follows soon after the Spring conference. He is not one who is shy about coming forward with his valid, and sometimes hard-hitting, opinions on SAW’s policies. These included his objection to encouraging multiple entries in SAW competitions; some of his reasons for a fall in attendance and income this year at Conference; and the unnecessary expense for adjudicators/speakers, who are paid a fee, as well as getting free hospitality at the hotel. LWG folk seemed grateful that he had spoken on their behalf, although Jack and everyone agreed that the Council puts in a tremendous amount of work to make SAW a successful platform for writers in Scotland.

Jack also had spoken to Largs Library re our changing the venue for Monday morning meetings, and this proposal was unanimously favoured by members for the new season starting in September.

The morning proceeded with more excellent readings of our own work. We heard thoughtful, funny and convoluted poems from Angus, Tony, Sarah, Ian, Keith and Jim; a very interesting article tracing a long-lost watchmaker from Helen; and short stories from Bill Do- (his wayward Uncle Wilbert!), Bill Da- (a whiffy dog) and Evie’s sad epistolary tale of a broken family. George read his horror story which Marc had referred to the previous week. Gruesome and grisly could sum it up, but George’s fiction can often be thus – stranger than fact! A good meeting, featuring writing par excellence.

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