TALKING TO YOURSELF (Soliloquy Adjudication for Drama Trophy April 18th)

Alison, Judith and Jack were the adjudicators and my goodness it couldnt have been an easy task. There were eight submissions of soliloquies: from poor wee housemaids left up the duff, and sadists, to deathbed secrets. This promised to be an entertaining morning.

Each writer was asked to read their story to the group but more of this later. Alison started with the Commended by Sarah as ‘Granny Smith’ and her A Secret Kept. Should she tell all before she departs this world? ‘Granny Smith’ looked nothing like a granny.

3rd place was given to Evie as ‘Jessie’, housemaid – a wee Yorkshire girl, working at the Big House and taken advantage of by the master. Evie read her soliloquy in the voice of a young lass with a convincing Yorkshire accent.

2nd placed was ‘Floundering’ for Shame or Courage. Unfortunately we were unable to identify the writer. This was a story of an illegitimate child and the lack of a legacy.

1st place went to Frances for An Adult Decision to be made by a spoiled child and her pony called Merry Legs. Which parent should she choose to live with after the divorce? Quite a dilemma for her and her horse.

Runners up were Ina for 2b or not 2b (so many drawing pencils to choose from and desperate to choose the right shading); Jim’s My First Job; George’s Of Other Times; and Timeless by Keith, as ‘Spook’.

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