Donny O’Rourke on poetry

On 3rd October we had a superb presentation and workshop from Donny O’Rourke which you will be able to read about fully in Keith McIvor’s report in this month’s issue of The Pencil.
Here is just a flavour of what we enjoyed, as described by Keith:-
“This is a man who does not waste words but is an eloquent wordsmith, does not overpower yet is unafraid to give constructive criticism, having no time for the ‘bubbling jacuzzi’ of insecure praise – in short he provides what every writer needs; a kick up the backside performed in such a professional manner that it feels like a handshake. We were privileged to have his company.”
At the conclusion of this fascinating talk Donny set us the challenge of using iambic pentameter (10 syllables, 5 stresses per line) to write a poem on any topic of choice with a maximum 20 lines. Entries in the usual format – preferably hard copies – should be submitted to Alison Green by November 7, with the adjudication scheduled for December 12.
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