Syllabus 2018-2019

Syllabus 2018-2019
September 2018
3 welcome/reports/programme/circles and folio.
Great Expectations/Game On
10 Adjudication of Short Stories: Doug Johnston Competition
Read Your Own Work
17 “Revisiting the Short Story”
Sarah Graham/Ross McCallum ( set competition )
24 Library closed. Outing to Cowal Open Studios

1 Angus Livingstone Memorial Day- Humour
8 “Writing with photographs”. Alison Green
15 Read Your Own Work
22 Young Adult Fiction:Susan McVey ( set competition )
29 “Ghost”- Workshop

5 “Setting the Scene”- Skelmorie Aisle: Sarah Goldie
12 Live Literature
“You the Jury”: Douglas Skelton
19 ” A Book with Character ”
26 Short Story Adjudication
Hand in Young Adult Fiction

3 Poetry: Alison Craig ( set competition )
10 ” Letter Writing ”
17 ” Christmas Crackers “/ Christmas Lunch
Christmas Holidays: 24th and 31st

January 2019
7 ” Presenting the New Year ”
14 Young Adult Fiction Adjudication
Hand in Poetry
21 Burns: Angus Middleton
Read Your Own Work ( Scottish Flavour )
28 Adjudication of Poetry/ RYOW

4 Oran Mor
11 Drama: Soliloquy/Monologue: Jack Muir
Hand in Article
25 ” Not just Burns- singing the unsung Poets of Freedom”: Alan Dickson
Hand in Quest/Pilgrimage- Special Category Competition

1 ” April Foolery “: Drew Cochrane & George Whitestone
8 Adjudication of Article
15 A.G.M
22 Easter Holiday
29 Adjudication of Quest/Pilgrimage

6 Garden Party/Drama Day. (June- Poetry Day [to be arranged]

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